P90X® Classic

P90X ClassicThe P90X® Classic workouts run 6 days a week and  take approximately 1 hour each day to complete. The 7th day is a rest day or you may watch the X Stretch video.

There are 3 phases to P90X® Classic.

During P90X® Classic Phase 1, the focus should be on mastering the technique and form for each exercise. The amount of weight you’re able to work with will increase, however the main goal during this phase is to maintain proper form.

P90X® Classic Phase 2 focuses more on increasing the amount of weight and number of reps you’re able to perform. If you’re looking to bulk up and add muscle mass, you’ll be working with heavier weights and lower reps. If you want to get lean, you’ll be working with lighter weights and higher reps.

Last but not least, P90X® Classic Phase 3 really pushes everything over the top and maximizes Muscle Confusion. Each P90X® workout will push you to your limits and the result will simply amaze you.

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