P90X® Doubles

P90X DoublesP90X® Doubles is geared towards individuals who want and increased amount of cardio conditioning. This workout is added to P90X® Classic to increase weight loss and maximize performance.

There are 3 phases to the P90X® Doubles workout program.

P90X® Doubles Phase 1 focuses on mastering proper form and technique for each of the exercises. Weight and total number of reps will increase later on during the program, but it’s important in the beginning to maintain good form.

During P90X® Doubles Phase 2, workout intensity increases as Cardio X is added 3 days per week. It is highly recommended that your Cardio X workouts are completed on an empty stomach in the mornings, before your normal P90X® Classic workout.

P90X® Doubles Phase 3 takes things one step further and adds a 4th day of Cardio X into the mix. Due to the fact that this is an ultra-intense phase of the P90X® workout program, it is vital that you eat well each day and supplement your diet with the P90X® Recovery Drink and P90X® Peak Health Formula vitamins.

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