P90X® Lean

P90X LeanP90X® Lean caters to those individuals who want to focus more on their cardio and conditioning, and less on weight resistance training. The P90X® Lean workouts are 6 days a week and run for approximately 1 hour. Day 7 is used as a rest day or an optional X Stretch workout.

There are 3 phases to the P90X® Lean program.

P90X® Lean Phase 1 focuses on proper form and technique. Reps and weight will progress as you work through the program, maintaining good form is the goal during this first segment.

During P90X® Lean Phase 2, you will begin to increase the amount of weight used for each exercise, as well as the number of reps completed. You’ll begin to notice dramatic improvements in your overall strength and conditioning during this phase of the P90X® workout program.

P90X® Lean Phase 3 focuses on pushing your body to the limit and maximizing the results seen from each and every workout. This is the final leg of the 3 phase journey, and it’s no holds barred!

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