P90X® Products

While the P90X® workout program doesn’t require an expensive gym membership or bulky home fitness equipment, there are a few important pieces of P90X® gear that you’ll need in order to maximize your results from the program. Below is a breakdown of the most important items needed for your daily P90X® workouts:

1. P90X® Chin-Up Bar – Simply place this professional grade chin-up bar in a doorway and you’ll be on your way to stronger shoulders, back, and arms.

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2. Manduka Plyometrics Mat – This ultra-thick plyometrics mat provides extreme comfort and stays put on both hard and soft surfaces.

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3. P90X® Yoga Blocks – These high-density, closed-cell foam yoga blocks will help you increase strength, flexibility, and circulation. A must-have for getting the most out of your P90X® Yoga X workouts!

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4. P90X® Resistance Bands – These heavy-duty resistance bands are portable, convenient, and will maximize your P90X® results.

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5. Tony Horton’s PowerStands – Achieve the perfect push-up every time with Tony Horton’s PowerStands. Eliminate wrist strain and forearm fatigue with these ergonomic, heavy-duty push-up bars.

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