P90X® Workouts

P90X WorkoutsThe P90X® workout program consists of 12 diverse and ultra-intense workouts. By using an advanced training technique known as Muscle Confusion, the P90X® extreme training system forces your body to grow and avoids the plateau problem associated with so many other systems.

This means that regardless of how long you work out with P90X®, it never gets easy!

With these workout routines, you’ll develop levels of skill, coordination, and flexibility that you never dreamed possible. You can also expect to sweat. A lot.

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Here is a breakdown of the 12 exercise routines included with the P90X® fitness program:

Chest and Back – This superset workout builds strength and develops upper body shape by focusing on two highly effective, classic upper body exercises: pull-ups and push-ups.

Plyometrics – Also known as “jump training”, this high-intensity cardio routine consists of more than 30 explosive jumping moves and is designed to melt fat and improve athletic performance.

Shoulders and Arms – Consisting of a powerful combination of curling, pressing, and fly movements, this result-delivering workout will add sexy muscle and dramatically increase your strength.

Yoga X – This amazing routine improves coordination, strength, flexibility, balance and breathing, and is a vital part of the P90X® program.

Legs and Back – This total body workout strengthens and conditions the leg muscles (hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes), while incorporating effective pull-up exercises to build a powerful back.

Kenpo X – A high-intensity cardio workout that combines punching and kicking moves to increase flexibility, balance, endurance, and coordination.

X Stretch – An important part of P90X®, this full-body stretching routine will help your body avoid injuries and plateaus.

Core Synergistics – Designed to maximize your results, this routine supports all of the other workouts by building a strong core.

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – Targeting both large and small muscles, this weight lifting workout will build your upper body with a healthy dose of flys, presses, and extensions.

Back and Biceps – Using a variety of pull-ups and curls, this customizable workout routine can tone and tighten muscles or pack on gobs of muscle mass.

Cardio X – A low-impact, fat burning cardio workout that will burn calories and leave you feeling lean and mean.

Ab Ripper X – Consisting of 11 ultra-effective exercises, this “mother of all ab workouts” will develop massive levels of abdominal and core strength.